3 Dodgers who don’t deserve to be on 2023 40-man roster

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The Los Angeles Dodgers did not have that ambitious of an offseason as the team is welcoming various young players into the fold. As a result, Dodgers fans had to cope with the reality that several fan favorites left LA.

This change also makes the 40-man roster more fluid than it's been in recent years. Typically, at this point, there aren't many changes that could be made to the 40-man roster as everything would be squared away. That's not the case in 2023, as there are several players currently on the 40-man that might not be there by the end of Spring Training.

3 Dodgers who don't deserve to be on the 2023 40-man roster

3. Shelby Miller

The Dodgers are the best team in the league at signing broken pitchers and making them right again. Andrew Friedman has taken on perhaps his biggest challenge yet as the team signed 32-year-old Shelby Miller, who has a 7.02 ERA in 202.2 combined innings since 2016.

If the Dodgers were to pull off this reclamation project, it would be their best one yet. The confusing part of the signing, though, is the fact that the team signed Miller to a big-league deal that puts him on the 40-man roster.

This was not a Jason Heyward situation in which Miller would sign a MiLB deal to try and work out his stuff in spring training or AAA. This is a pitcher who the Dodgers project to potentially make the Opening Day roster in 2023.

Look, we are firm believers in everything that Friedman does, especially with this coaching staff, but Miller has to be where Dodgers fans draw the line. Signing him to the 40-man roster was a risky decision and it may not last very long.