3 Dodgers who will benefit most from teammates playing in World Baseball Classic

Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day
Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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1. Jason Heyward

The Dodgers are sending multiple outfielders to the WBC, giving the team more of an excuse to dish out more reps to Jason Heyward, James Outman, Andy Pages and Jonny DeLuca.

Some may say that Outman and DeLuca are the big winners of this, as they're going to get extended playing time against big-league talent. However, Outman should already be a lock to at least get an Opening Day roster spot (and probably should start). Meanwhile, Pages and DeLuca likely aren't in the running to be on the Opening Day roster regardless of their place on the 40-man roster.

Sure, getting big-league reps will help in the same way as it will develop Cartaya, but the outfielder who benefits the most is undoubtedly Jason Heyward. He's arguably been the biggest story of Spring Training for the Dodgers thus far as they may have unlocked something with his swing.

Heyward has already been getting decent playing time and has done well at the plate: 4-for-12 with two home runs and two walks. It's a small sample size, but the results have been promising.

Opening up playing time in the outfield will give the Dodgers a bigger runway to determine if Hayward's resurgence is legit. If so, it will be time to figure out how to make room for him on the Opening Day roster.