3 Dodgers whose 40-man roster spots are in jeopardy as MLB trade deadline approaches

The MLB trade deadline can help bring new talent into the fold for the Dodgers, but it will also bring an end to several tenures in LA.
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The Los Angeles Dodgers should undoubtedly be buyers at the 2023 MLB trade deadline. This team is good enough to win a World Series this season as long as the inconsistencies on the roster are solved. That is exactly what the deadline is for.

Los Angeles will naturally improve in some areas as the team gets healthier, but not adding via the trade market would be irresponsible. After all, Andrew Friedman himself admitted the Dodgers need to add pitching in some capacity during the season.

Each acquisition presents another issue, though. Not only do the Dodgers have to trade away farm system talent to get big-league help, but the team also has to make room for the new additions. As a result, players currently on the 40-man roster and/or big-league club could get the boot.

3 Dodgers whose 40-man roster spot is in jeopardy because of the MLB trade deadline

Trayce Thompson

The Dodgers struck lightning in a bottle in 2022 when the team brought in Trayce Thompson. Thompson proved to be one of the more reliable bench bats, coming through in several key moments down the stretch.

It was shocking, because Thompson's MLB career really looked like it was over. The brother of Klay Thompson was struggling immensely and could not hold onto an MLB job. The best thing that could have happened to him was the Dodgers scooping him up and maximizing his potential for any period of time.

The success has not carried over to 2023, though. Outside of a three-homer game, Thompson has been awful for the Dodgers this season. He's hitting .155 with a .677 OPS with a staggering 42.5% strikeout rate in 87 plate appearances.

Thompson is currently on the 60-day IL, so he is not taking up a 40-man roster spot at this very moment. Maybe the Dodgers do him a favor and leave him on the 60-day IL just to keep him around, but if he wants to play, it's going to have to be for another team.