3 Dodgers whose 40-man roster spots are in jeopardy as MLB trade deadline approaches

The MLB trade deadline can help bring new talent into the fold for the Dodgers, but it will also bring an end to several tenures in LA.
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Noah Syndergaard

The Dodgers are the best team in the league at finding broken-down pitchers and making them valuable. Heck, the team somehow did the impossible and turned Shelby Miller into a productive reliever this season. Miller has been one of the worst pitchers in baseball in recent years, so that's a massive accomplishment.

If a pitcher cannot figure it out with the Dodgers, then that's a really bad indication of where their career is heading. Noah Syndergaard has not only failed to figure it out with the Dodgers, but has statistically been arguably the worst starting pitcher in all of baseball.

Syndergaard is sporting a staggering 7.16 ERA in his 12 starts this season. The Dodgers have lost eight of the 12 games that he has started with one of the wins being against the Brewers, where Syndergaard left early and only threw one inning.

The right-hander currently on the 15-day IL and Dave Roberts has seemingly confirmed that he does not have a future with the Dodgers. And why would he? There's no real point in having him pitch in the minors to figure it out with all of the young talent in the organization.

As unfortunate as it is, this could be the end of the road for Syndergaard as an MLB pitcher. Maybe a team will take a flier on him as a minor leaguer, but it's hard to buy into a pitcher who has over a 7.00 ERA with a team that is notorious for developing/fixing pitchers. The Dodgers will look to upgrade his spot in the rotation by the deadline without a doubt.