3 Dodgers whose 40-man roster spots are in jeopardy as MLB trade deadline approaches

The MLB trade deadline can help bring new talent into the fold for the Dodgers, but it will also bring an end to several tenures in LA.
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Michael Busch

Michael Busch's destiny is a tad different than Thompson's or Syndergaard's. Thompson and Syndergaard will likely be looking for a new MLB team if they are not on the Dodgers' 40-man roster in two months' time. Busch will not be in the same boat, as he could be traded in a potential package.

The Dodgers have a lot of talent to trade at the deadline in order to bring in big-league help. Of all the tradeable prospects this summer, Busch seems like the most likely to be dealt in some capacity. The price still has to be right, but the way the Dodgers have handled Busch says it all.

Busch has been fantastic in Triple-A Oklahoma City this season but has only gotten an extended chance with the big-league club when Max Muncy hit the IL. Once Muncy returned, the Dodgers had no problem sending him back down to OKC in place of Yonny Hernandez.

Why? The team wants him to continue to get regular at-bats instead of sitting on the bench and hitting once every three days. Busch also looks much better as a trade chip when he's hitting over .300 in the minors instead of sitting on the bench and batting .200 at the MLB level.

Plus, Busch is a tad redundant with what the Dodgers have in terms of left-handed hitting. LA already has Muncy and Freeman as left-handed hitters in the infield and Gavin Lux will only add to that in 2024 when he returns from his ACL injury.

At 25 years old, Busch is ready to test his abilities with a full-time MLB role and the Dodgers aren't giving that to him. Typically, when the Dodgers treat prospects like this, it means they're probably going to get shipped out of town.

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