3 former Dodgers players we'll be glad are gone, and 2 we'll wish stayed

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Going back all the way to 2000, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been in the top five in Major League Baseball in payroll 15 of the last 23 years. The club has notoriously been known to be one that will aggressively spend money (some would replace 'aggressively' with 'carelessly') in free agency to bring a title to L.A.

Despite having all of the money in the world, the club has not been immune to seeing some of its players join other clubs and hit a whole new level in their game.

After finishing atop the NL West in nine of the past 10 years, the 2023 Dodgers are still in the top five of most MLB power rankings, but without quite as much star power as there has been in recent years. Gone are the vast majority of the faces that helped this team win 100 games four times since 2017.

Instead, the 2023 version of this team is going to rely on a plethora of relatively new faces to take them to the promised land, including youngsters James Outman and Miguel Vargas on the position player side and Michael Grove and Dustin May on the pitching side of things.

While it's still an exciting time to be a Dodgers fan, there are quite a few players on the current roster that, frankly, are not very Dodgers-like compared alongside some of the massive squads they've sent out in recent years. There would be no David Peraltas, Jason Heywards, Trayce Thompsons, Noah Syndergaards or Shelby Millers. There would be Max Scherzers and Trea and Justin Turners there instead.

Fortunately, the team has hopped on the shoulders of Will Smith and Julio Urías to start the current season and currently sports one of the game's best run differentials.

Let's take some time to reflect and look back on some of the recent names that have left town. Some are sorely missed, some not so much. Either way, it's time to head down memory lane.