3 former Dodgers players LA can still reunite with in free agency

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The Los Angeles Dodgers shouldn't be done yet this offseason. The Noah Syndergaard deal seemingly rounded out the rotation, but don't forget the jury's still out on Dustin May, in addition to there being health issues with him, Clayton Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin.

As for the bullpen, Dodgers general manager Brandon Gomes said he's pleased with what the team has but ... come on. The fans aren't. Something else needs to happen on that front, whether big or moderate.

And then you have the lineup. Most fans have surrendered to the idea that a high-profile signing won't be on the way. Some understand that reality, others are frustrated by it. Either way, there are a few more voids to address, whether the front office wants to focus on starting roles or general depth (which was already a problem in 2022).

If the Dodgers are done at this moment, then we'll see you in 2024 with the hopes of Shohei Ohtani and somebody else arriving. If not, there are a few former Dodgers out there who could help the current roster to varying degrees. Maybe a semblance of continuity after parting with key clubhouse guys like Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger could improve morale, too.

3 former Dodgers players Los Angeles can still target in free agency

3. Nathan Eovaldi

This seemed like a much more realistic possibility at last year's trade deadline, or even earlier this offseason, but now we're not sure. The Dodgers adding Syndergaard changes things a bit.

Nathan Eovaldi is up for grabs, but has the draft pick compensation attached to him after he rejected the qualifying offer from the Boston Red Sox. Is there a chance the Dodgers look in the mirror and realize what they have at the moment -- even with help coming from their top prospects -- isn't going to be enough, and decide giving Eovaldi a multi-year deal while surrendering a draft pick is worth it? Sure. Is it likely? Not really.

Nonetheless, Eovaldi would be a worthwhile addition to the Dodgers rotation for 2023 and beyond. The futures of Kershaw and Julio Urías are unclear. Syndergaard is only on a one-year deal. May might not even be a starter. If Ohtani really is the goal next offseason, the maybe securing Eovaldi on a three-year deal might be a prudent move insurance-wise.