3 former Dodgers players LA can still reunite with in free agency

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1. Rich Hill

If the Dodgers don't want to spend Eovaldi money on another starter because they feel comfortable with the current five (plus the additional prospects they have), then former Dodger Rich Hill could be the answer.

Hill, heading into his age-43 season, just logged 26 solid starts with the Red Sox. He's still got it. But, at best, he seems to be a spot starter. He averaged just about 4.2 innings per outing in 2022 and missed time due to a sprained knee. After all, Hill's only logged 30 or more starts in a single season just twice since debuting in 2005.

Might the Dodgers bring him in as their roving sixth guy to give a starter of their choice a breather? Could Hill be the first guy out of the bullpen ready to pitch 3-5 innings depending on the situation? There's a ton of value in either of those roles, especially as the Dodgers look to preserve their arms and eat as many innings possible before October.

Additionally, Hill's best years as a starter came in LA, where he went 30-16 with a 3.16 ERA, 3.71 FIP, 1.08 WHIP and 427 strikeouts in 69 games (68 starts), totaling 361.1 innings. The pairing worked out well from 2016-2019.

Round 2 might be a little bit different, but it'll aid the Dodgers tremendously while preserving Hill as he appraoches his mid-40s.