3 free agent pitchers that could save the Dodgers' crumbling rotation

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Yet another postseason has ended much too early for the Los Angeles Dodgers following a 100-win campaign. After a painfully hard-to-watch three-game sweep at the hands of NL West-rival Arizona Diamondbacks, the Dodgers are now left with plenty of questions to answer this winter. The most important, however, is: what will they do to help bolster their rotation for a deep playoff run?

At a time, this wasn’t an issue at all for the organization. In years past, young but talented players like Julio Urías, Walker Buehler, and Dustin May were seen as the future, while Clayton Kershaw would continue to be the stabilizing ace at the top. Well, unfortunately, injuries and off-field issues really ruined these future plans. As for Kershaw, as amazing as he is, he has had a tendency to struggle in the postseason and has been battling injuries consistently since 2015.

One bright side is the emergence of Bobby Miller, who looks like he can be a long-term ace. Although Miller did struggle in his one and only playoff start, it’s fair to give him a pass since it was his first ever postseason game, and that can take some time to adjust to. This still leaves holes that need to be filled, though, so here are three upcoming free agents that the Dodgers need to target in order to address their glaring rotation issue.

3 free agent pitchers that could save the Dodgers' crumbling rotation

Blake Snell

Starting off with the likely NL Cy Young Award winner, Blake Snell. At 30 years old, Snell is coming off the second-best season of his career. If not for his incredible 2018, this would've easily taken the cake. With an 2.25 ERA and a 1.19 WHIP in 32 games started in 2023, it’s clear why he should be the NL Cy Young winner. On top of his regular season success, Snell has logged 12 playoff games in his career, where he holds a 3.33 ERA. Dodgers fans are tired of regular season success that ends up amounting to nothing, but Snell has the ability to bring top-notch production through October.

An added bonus would be taking him away from division-rival San Diego Padres, who could still be a threat next year despite an awful 2023. However, Snell will be highly sought after by any team looking to win, and he’s set to receive a massive payday. The time, effort and money are all worth it for a pitcher of his caliber. Snell should be the Dodgers top priority who isn't named Shohei Ohtani this coming free agency.