3 MLB All-Stars that could be Dodgers by August 1

The Dodgers sent five All-Stars to the Midsummer Classic ... and more could be on the way.
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Brent Rooker

Brent Rooker definitely isn't a big-name All-Star this year. If MLB didn't have the one All-Star representative per team rule, then he wouldn't be here. There are several players in the league that have had better seasons thus far than Rooker but didn't benefit from the rest their team being horrible.

That's not to say that Rooker hasn't been impressive, though. He's definitely an above-average MLB hitter this season, batting .246 with an .826 OPS and 135 OPS+. He has slugged 16 home runs, 12 doubles and has driven in 44 RBI so far.

Rooker would rank fifth on the Dodgers in OPS behind the All-Star quartet of Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, Will Smith and J.D. Martinez. He's exactly the kind of right-handed bat the Dodgers are looking to add before the deadline.

Rooker's price does go up a bit because of the several years of team control, but he still should be more than obtainable. Someone like Michael Busch would be suitable to convince the Athletics to trade Rooker, and even that might be too much.

The corner outfielder would slot nicely as a right-handed option in left field, essentially erasing the need for Trayce Thompson to return from the 60-day IL.