3 MLB All-Stars that could be Dodgers by August 1

The Dodgers sent five All-Stars to the Midsummer Classic ... and more could be on the way.
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Marcus Stroman

If the Dodgers wanted to make a huge splash at the deadline that isn't Shohei Ohtani, then they should give the Chicago Cubs a call for Marcus Stroman, who has had a great 2023 campaign thus far with a 2.96 ERA across 112.2 innings pitched.

Los Angeles has a lot of pitching depth this season, but with injuries and inexperience in the rotation, it would benefit the team to add a legitimate MLB veteran that can pitch early in a playoff series.

This would give the Dodgers a tough 1-3 of Julio Urías, Clayton Kershaw and Stroman. Then the team would have an assortment of young and established pitchers to utilize, as well as a potentially-returning Walker Buehler.

Stroman has a player option for the 2024 season that he will almost certainly opt to not excercise if he continues to have a successful campaign. It'll give him another chance to test free agency. After a career year at the age of 32, Stroman is more than likely going to look for that one final payday.

The Cubs do not have the ability to give Stroman the qualifying offer, meaning that the team won't even get a draft pick for losing him in free agency. Unless Chicago wants to re-sign him long-term, it makes the most sense to trade him now while his value is at its peak. And the price may not be prohibitive because he'll likely hit the open market in a few months. Something to consider.