3 most difficult decisions Dodgers must make before end of spring training

There's plenty still to sort out for the offseason's champions.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Trade for Kenley Jansen/sign a closer

The Dodgers have made some noise about getting a bonafide closer back in the bullpen this offseason, but nothing has come to fruition. They showed interest in Josh Hader, but talks apparently just petered out, and they've been linked to former Dodger Kenley Jansen multiple times, but there's been no movement there. LA doesn't need a closer — they have Evan Phillips available for a good deal of that heavy lifting — but it also wouldn't hurt for them to get one. Getting Jansen, probably the best available closing option left on the free agent or trade market, back in LA could move Phillips up in games, creating even more of a blockade for opposing hitters to get around.

Red Sox pitchers and catchers are in Fort Myers as of Wednesday. The Dodgers could get a deal done with Boston, who they've already snaked two players from this offseason, and not let Jansen get too settled in there before shipping him over to Glendale. It would be a homecoming for him, and maybe being back in LA could get him back to his old ways. If not Jansen, then they should still heavily consider adding a backend arm and maybe anoint Phillips their permanent closer.