3 moves Dodgers can still make after Shohei Ohtani to complete dream offseason

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Get an outfielder to replace Mookie Betts

With Dave Roberts' commitment to moving Mookie Betts to second base on an everyday basis, the Dodgers need an outfielder. This was already sort of true before the confirmation of Betts at second, but now the Dodgers need to move their attentions from possible depth options to a player who will be able to spend significant time there. Betts may have a reputation as a stellar defender, but his outfield production isn't nearly as tough to replicate as his offensive numbers. The Dodgers can focus their attentions on a player with better defensive capabilities, which will be an infinitely easier endeavor than trying to find a player who could match up to Mookie's bat.

There are a few great defensive outfielder options still out there on the free agent market — Kevin Kiermaier, and Michael A. Taylor among them. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. is the best all-around and is the youngest of the free agent outfield mix; he had his best offensive year in a lot of categories in 2023 and is a well above average outfielder. Kiermaier and Taylor are both multi-time Gold Glovers (Kiermaier even has a Platinum Glove), but their relative offensive downside has always been an accepted risk by their teams. All of this to say that the Dodgers have a lot of good options, and securing one would only serve the make them more fearsome than they already are.