3 questions Dodgers have already answered at spring training, 1 they haven't

Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training
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Unanswered: Who will play shortstop for the Dodgers?

Just days ago, we figured this question was answered. Gavin Lux, coming back from a torn ACL, would be the Dodgers' shortstop from Opening Day on, expected to get most of the starts there with occasional backup from the team's veteran bench as he eased back in from injury. Skepticism already existed before he got his first spring training start at short — he put up -5 outs above average there in 2021 and only +1 in 2022 — and what he demonstrated on the field didn't help his case in the slightest.

After four botched throws in March 6's game, two of which allowed runners to reach, the Dodgers changed their tune on Lux. Where they once seemed certain that he would be their man, Roberts conceded after Wednesday's game that he didn't know who would start on Opening Day. On March 7, Kiké Hernández got the start and Miguel Rojas subbed in later.

On March 8? Mookie Betts to short, Lux to second in a panic maneuver that can only be described as turbulent. Wasn't Betts requesting second? Accommodating Lux was worth more to Roberts and Co.?

Lux has never really felt like a first choice for the Dodgers, even though he's seemingly the best compromise candidate, who could sometimes play serviceable defense and had a better bat than the bench guys. But the Dodgers had their eyes on Willy Adames for the entire offseason, and at one point seemed willing to send Lux down the river if it meant they could get Adames. If Lux's Opening Day spot is already in jeopardy, it wouldn't be surprising if his spot with the organization altogether was in danger nearing the trade deadline.