3 reasons Dodgers fans shouldn't panic about the struggling bullpen

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The Dodgers have an excess of pitching talent in the minor leagues to call up

The Dodgers really can undergo a complete renovation of the bullpen this season if need be. Not only can the team add multiple impact arms to the bullpen via the trade market, but the Dodgers could also call up several promising arms from the minor leagues to pitch out of the bullpen.

Los Angeles has an excess of pitching talent in the minor leagues, giving the team options with both trades and promotions. It might be frustrating to hear this right now while the big-league bullpen is struggling, but the Dodgers are rightfully playing the long game.

It might seem counterintuitive but it's not absurd for MLB teams to give their established bullpen arms a chance to get right before turning to the youth in the farm system. The worst thing a team can do is rush pitchers before they are ready, and that's what the Dodgers are avoiding. If they can just stay in the hunt and give the young arms in the system more time in the minors, they'll be better prepared when their number is called.

Plus, several of these promising pitchers are starting in the minor leagues. The Dodgers don't want to hamper their development as starters by calling them up too early to pitch out of the bullpen. It's much more beneficial to everyone involved if they continue to start in the minors before coming to the big leagues in late summer to lessen their workload and finish the season out of the bullpen.

Some exciting names to keep an eye on are Landon Knack, River Ryan, Emmet Sheehan and Nick Frasso. All four guys are currently in AA with the Tulsa Drillers but could make the climb to the big leagues before the postseason starts.