3 reasons why the Dodgers are still World Series contenders and 2 why they're not

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Still contending No. 2: Extensive postseason success on offense

For as long as you're a member of the Dodgers, you're going to get a ton of opportunities to play in the postseason. I mean, just look at some of the numbers the offensive regulars have posted in their playoff career.

  • Mookie Betts: 55 G, 17 2B, 4 HR, 18 RBI, .741 OPS
  • JD Martinez: 30 G, 9 HR, 30 RBI, .303 AVG, .987 OPS
  • Freddie Freeman: 46 G, 10 HR, 23 RBI, .296 AVG, .947 OPS
  • Chris Taylor: 64 G, 9 HR, 25 RBI, .250 AVG, .815 OPS
  • Max Muncy: 43 G, 10 HR, 29 RBI, .238 AVG, .887 OPS

There's no doubt that the offensive guys on this roster have what it takes to hit in the clutch. With the amount of former MVPs and All-Stars in this group, this is to be expected.

Betts and Freeman alone both have an OPS+ over 130 as well as OPS' over .870. They are steady presences in this offensive core and will be vital to the march to the postseason as well as their attempts to go deep into October.

To kick off the 2023 season, each of the aforementioned postseason studs, along with Will Smith and James Outman, have combined to put together one of the best hitting teams in the league. Heck, even David Peralta, who we've called for to be released multiple times now, has seen his stock skyrocket and currently sports a .276 average and 92 OPS+.

Entering the Tuesday, this Dodgers squad ranks third in the majors in home runs, fourth in runs scored, first in walks, and fourth in OPS. What's a bit concerning, however, is the fact that they currently sit 20th in the league in hits. The team has done an excellent job at manufacturing runs and getting on base, but the amount of base hits will surely have to go up if they want to continue applying pressure.