3 reasons why the Dodgers are still World Series contenders and 2 why they're not

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Still contending No. 3: A promise of an active trade deadline

In the past decade-plus, we've never seen the Dodgers have a silent trade deadline, and the 2023 installment does not figure to be any different. There are a few places on the active roster that the front office could look to upgrade, and Andrew Friedman is already planning on doing just that.

With left-hander Julio Urías due back from a hamstring strain in the beginning of July, he will represent some reinforcements to a starting rotation that has been "just okay" so far this season. Beyond him and Clayton Kershaw, some rookies have stepped up nicely, but Noah Syndergaard has been awful and there's a clear need for improvement there.

Looking around the league, pitchers like Lucas Giolito, Jack Flaherty, Eduardo Rodriguez, Shane Bieber and Marcus Stroman are all expected to be available to an extent, and that's just among starters. The Dodgers bullpen has not looked any better (it's actually been worse), so look for someone like Scott Barlow, Aroldis Chapman, Liam Hendriks or Alex Lange to be possible targets.

With seemingly unlimited resources in both the cash and organizational depth departments, the Dodgers are sitting pretty to make a splash or two (or three!) at this year's deadline. With Friedman already promising to make some moves, the rest of league should be prepared to be outbid by the ultra-aggressive Boys in Blue.