3 recently non-tendered players Dodgers should sign immediately

If the Dodgers want one of their famous bargain signings, well, here ya go.
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The non-tender deadline came and went last Friday. The Los Angeles Dodgers didn't rock the boat -- they tendered a contract to every arbitration-eligible player they had. Yup, all 13 of them! Even though there were a couple (Dustin May, Ryan Yarbrough, Yency Almonte) worthy of being cut loose for the sake of saving a few million.

How did that make fans feel? Well, there's worry about the 40-man roster only having one open spot. There's also a concern that the Dodgers are content with running it back in some way, shape or form in 2024 after two straight seasons with mostly the same guys that were present for horrible playoff collapses.

Though that's the reality at the moment, the Dodgers have plenty of time to make subtractions from the roster to make room for better talent. There's also enough wiggle room for them to bring in a couple of potential high-upside players that were just non-tendered last week.

Dodgers fans aren't exactly supportive of the front office's recent low-risk, high-reward moves because they don't work out as often as we'd like, but this batch of players could be as low-risk as it gets now that their value is arguably at an all-time low.

The 162-games season is a long one and contributors can pop up out of the woodwork. For guys that will cost almost nothing and possess a convincing MLB track record, the Dodgers can capitalize on a few names without having to kick themselves if the pairing blows up in their face.

3 recently non-tendered players Dodgers should sign immediately

Dakota Hudson

The Cardinals were "aggressively shopping" Hudson before the non-tender deadline, but found no takers. He was set to earn $3.7 million in 2024.

Though Hudson is coming off a career-worst season, the 2023 Cardinals were a cursed bunch. And Hudson's past performance shows that this past year didn't represent who he truly is. We will say, however, that injuries have played a role in his struggles/lack of availability since 2021 (Tommy John surgery and the rocky road that came with it).

But Hudson's out of the woods on TJ and has plenty of experience as a starter. Better yet, his experience in his debut season came out of the bullpen, so he can be a viable swingman option for the Dodgers, and probably better than Yarbrough, Grove, and whoever else is in LA being considered for the role.

A little $2 million bounce-back deal wouldn't hurt anybody.