3 remaining free agents that can fill massive hole in Dodgers' outfield

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have not had the splashy offseason that other big-market teams did this winter. Instead, this offseason has been quite the opposite as fans have seen several of their favorites leave Los Angeles and find new homes elsewhere.

With Trevor Bauer's suspension appeal looming over the team with potential luxury tax ramifications, the Dodgers have been cautious with their spending this winter. Not only does the team seemingly want to avoid having to pay a massive tax if Bauer wins his appeal, but there's also the added benefit of resetting the tax penalty if they stay under $233 million.

The Dodgers roster is mostly complete at this point with several top prospects slated to get a role next season. Most notably, James Outman is likely going to be the Cody Bellinger replacement and might actually be better,

While Outman can fill the void in center, there is still a pretty sizeable void in left field. Trayce Thompson was a great story and all last season but the Dodgers would be silly to rely on a journeyman with a 36% strikeout rate to be the main option in left.

Here are 3 remaining free-agent outfielders that the Dodgers could still sign

3. Michael Conforto

This is probably the least likely of the bunch because of the already-mentioned luxury tax dynamic. Conforto did not play at all in 2022 because of a shoulder injury but still has value as a great left-handed bat. He was not fantastic in 2021, but when he's right, Conforto is a dynamic presence in the middle of the order.

This is a classic situation where a player is going to take a one-year prove-it deal, and when that happens the salary tends to be a bit higher than if it was a stretched-out multi-year deal.Spotrac estimates Conforto's market value at $20.7 million, and that's probably right in the range of what he will get.

Are the Dodgers willing to pay $20 million and hope for Conforto to reach his ceiling? Perhaps not, as they just let Cody Bellinger go. However, Conforto also has a much higher floor than Bellinger does, so it wouldn't be totally shocking if LA ponies up for Conforto after letting Bellinger walk for nothing.