3 Scott Boras clients Dodgers can’t pursue next winter

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Cody Bellinger, Matt Chapman, Blake Snell, and Jordan Montgomery — becoming known as the Boras Four, after shared agent Scott Boras — have yet to sign major-league deals for the 2024 season. They were four of the biggest free agents on the market entering the offseason and they remain available, leaving fans, teams, and commentators to wonder what gives.

It probably (definitely) has to do with Boras, arguably the most high-powered sports agent currently working. His active client list is long and packed with stars, including but not limited to Pete Alonso, José Altuve, Zac Gallen, Carlos Correa, and Carlos Rodón, most of whom have been able to net remarkable deals in free agency. He was also Alex Rodriguez's agent when he signed his then-record-breaking $252 million deal with the Rangers in 2000.

Boras is a tough negotiator and an arm-twister who frequently bends teams to his and his clients' wills. However, as Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic pointed out in a recent piece, the Braves and Dodgers like to do things their own way (subscription required).

3 Scott Boras clients Dodgers can’t pursue next winter

The Dodgers haven't expressed interest in any member of the Boras Four (Boras Five, if you include JD Martinez) this offseason, and that may be intentional. They have no need for even more big free agents, but when the next offseason rolls around, there will be a whole host of them represented by Boras on the market who the Dodgers might be better off letting go elsewhere.