3 Scott Boras clients Dodgers can’t pursue next winter

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Alex Bregman

Okay, we all know that there's no way the Dodgers would ever sign a member of the 2017 Houston Astros, Boras client or not, but let's just indulge in a thought experiment for a second. The 2025 free agent class will once again be heavy on pitching and light on everything else. There are some good first and second basemen in the mix, including Pete Alonso and Gleyber Torres, but the Dodgers have Freeman and Betts for many years to come. If Lux does a good enough job this year after an ACL surgery, they should be fine at shortstop, but if not, Willy Adames is a free agent (and not a Boras client) next year. And then we come around to Max Muncy at third.

Muncy is a point of pride for the Dodgers, who scooped him on waivers from the A's and turned him around into someone who can regularly hit 30+ home runs a season. However, his defense leaves a lot to be desired, he doesn't hit for average, and he's already 33. Bregman, though it's painful to admit, isn't only younger but is the better all-around player. He's been overshadowed a bit in recent years by Yordan Álvarez and José Altuve, but he can still be a massive threat in the Astros' lineup.

Bregman will be one of the best options on the free agent market, but his Astros tenure and Boras connection work in tandem to make it almost impossible that the Dodgers go after him. If the Astros can convince Boras to let them extend Bregman, free agency might not even be in the cards for him at all.