3 superstars the Dodgers can conceivably trade for this offseason

This team has needs across the diamond.

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The Dodgers can conceivably trade for Corbin Burnes

The Milwaukee Brewers have similar traits as the Tampa Bay Rays when it comes to trading star players. As a small-market team, Milwaukee can only pay so much to a player in arbitration before the money starts to not make sense. Additionally, a new contract is less likely, which prompts a small-market team like the Brewers to trade someone while they can.

That is the crossroads the Brewers find themselves in with Corbin Burnes. It seemed likely before the 2023 season that Burnes would be traded, but the two sides settled the trade discourse and Burnes put together another All-Star season for the Brewers.

It seems increasingly likely that Burnes will be wearing a different uniform in April, though, considering he has one more year of arbitration before he will hit free agency next offseason. Milwaukee would be foolish not to trade Burnes at all, and it would still be silly to wait until July.

Burnes' value is going to be cut in half as a midseason rental in July. Instead, the Brewers would be better off getting the deal done now to allow teams to get in a bidding war for the former Cy Young's services. Luckily for the Dodgers, they can outbid other teams in any bidding war.

The price for Burnes would certainly be higher than Glasnow. The Dodgers could probably get away with keeping Dalton Rushing, but the package would have to start with Busch and Diego Cartaya.