The 3 teams that have the most former Dodgers on their 2023 roster

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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There have been a lot of great players to suit up for the Los Angeles Dodgers during the team's 10-year playoff streak. As a result, there are a lot of former Dodgers throughout the league that have since found new homes.

Playing for the Dodgers can increase a player's free-agent value as teams look to tap into the same potential that Andrew Friedman and Co. saw. When you're arguably the best-run organization in the sport, you're going to get a lot of teams that copy you.

There are several teams in the league that have many former Dodgers currently on their active roster. However, there are three teams specifically that have more than the rest.

And just so we're clear, we are only including former Dodgers who actually played for the big-league club. There are a lot of former LA prospects out there that have bounced from team to team just because they were in the Dodgers' system.

3. San Francisco Giants - 4 former Dodgers

Despite being the Dodgers' biggest rivals, the Giants sure do love to bring in players who once donned the Dodger Blue. There is a very obvious reason for that, and it's because there's a strong Dodgers influence in that organization.

President of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi was previously LA's general manager under Friedman while manager Gabe Kapler got his start as the director of player development for the Dodgers. This has led the Giants to bring in four former Dodgers that are currently on their 2023 active roster.

Alex Wood (joined before 2021 season)

Alex Wood was originally traded from the Atlanta Braves to the Dodgers, was then traded to the Cincinnati Reds years later, and was brought back to LA for the team's 2020 World Series run. After that, Wood signed with the San Francisco Giants, where he has pitched since.

Joc Pederson (joined before 2022 season)

The Northern California native joined his childhood team for the 2022 season after winning back-to-back World Series with both the Dodgers and Braves. Pederson accepted the qualifying offer from the Giants and will be a free agent next winter.

Scott Alexander (joined before 2022 season)

The former ground-ball specialist out of the bullpen for the Dodgers has not been able to stay healthy. Alexander hasn't pitched more than 20 innings in a season since 2018. However, he pitched well enough in limited time in 2022, earning him another one-year deal with the Giants.

Ross Stripling (joined before 2023 season)

Ross Stripling has yet to pitch for the team that he nearly no-hit in his MLB debut back in 2016. Chicken Strip signed a two-year, $25 million contract with San Francisco and will presumably pitch against the Dodgers for the first time since he was traded in 2020.