The 3 teams that have the most former Dodgers on their 2023 roster

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
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2. Texas Rangers - 4 former Dodgers

The Texas Rangers have notoriously tried to be the Dodgers' biggest copycat in recent years with just about every move they make. Whether it be the big signings like Corey Seager, flirting with Clayton Kershaw, or hiring coaches from the Dodgers organization, the Rangers are the No. 1 team to scoop up former Dodgers.

If this list included failed Dodgers prospects, then the Rangers would be the top team and it wouldn't even be close. When it comes to actual big-league talent, there are four former Dodgers on the active roster.

Josh Sborz (joined before 2021 season)

After two years pitching out of the bullpen in Los Angeles, Sborz jumped ship to the Texas Rangers in 2021, where he's been since. Sborz only made 11 appearances during his time with the Dodgers but his unique last name is impossible to forget.

Corey Seager (joined before 2022 season)

Corey Seager was once viewed as the franchise cornerstone of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Then he became a free agent that commanded a $325 million contract and the Dodgers decided it wasn't worth it considering his injury history. Seager will always go down in Dodgers history because of his heroics in the 2020 postseason.

Andrew Heaney (joined before 2023 season)

Andrew Heaney is the latest example of a player signing a one-year deal with the Dodgers to improve his value and correctly doing so. If Heaney would have stayed healthy all of last season then he would have commanded an even bigger contract in free agency.

Nathan Eovaldi (joined before 2023 season)

It seems like a lifetime ago that Nathan Eovaldi was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Eovaldi pitched in 10 games in 2011 at 21 years old and another 10 games in 2012 before being traded for Hanley Ramirez. Yes, that Hanley Ramirez.