4 Dodgers most likely to be dealt at the 2023 trade deadline

The Dodgers are not done making trades, and these three players could be on the move.
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Michael Busch

Can someone save this man from Triple-A Oklahoma City?! Because the Dodgers apparently don't want to!

Busch got his cup of coffee in the form of 15 MLB games, but wasn't given a long leash. Back to the minor leagues he went, and he's since been carrying a bat on fire. He's hitting .318 with a 1.029 OPS, 61 runs scored, 18 homers and 66 RBI in just 70 games. This has been a calculated effort to maintain his trade value ... because why surrender anything for Rojas and Rosario when you can take a chance on Busch?

Established major league talent is always more valuable, no matter how badly they're slumping, but the Dodgers not giving Busch another chance in 2023 (and burying him with Miguel Vargas at Triple-A) speaks volumes. There's little chance a potential suitor judges Busch based on his 15 games with LA that featured a .200 average and .561 OPS.

Though his defensive versatility may no longer be as valued as it once was, Busch's lefty bat and ability to play second base at a high level will undoubtedly attract somebody out there. The Dodgers are playing their hand in a calculated manner and should get something of note out of it because of how well Busch has performed after his demotion.