4 Dodgers players who will maintain their hot starts (and 1 who won't)

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
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Freddie Freeman

Will he maintain his start? Yes.

There are many unsurprising factors about Freddie's start to the 2023 season. First of all, it's Freddie Freeman! He has one of the most consistent track records when it comes to hitting stats in all of MLB, and that track record is a long one. Without even diving into advanced metrics, it's easy to picture Freddie keeping up his start to the 2023 season. However, his .940 OPS, ranking 21st in the NL, did not just come from his reputation. His data on balls in play is as good as any other hitter.

While Freeman is at least 20 percentiles above average in strikeout rate, walk rate, whiff rate, chase rate, average exit velocity and HardHit %, there are three main categories of Freeman's Statcast page that are by far the most important to start the season.

Those categories are Freeman's xwOBA, xBA and xSLG, which all rank 90th percentile or better to start the season. With Freeman's repuation as a well-rounded, all fields hitter, it is no surprise to see these numbers so high. Freeman consistently gets on base at a high clip, and having an xBA as high as he does (it's 99th percentile) so far indicates that he might contend for the batting title in 2023 again.