4 Dodgers who are playing their way out of the team's 2024 plans

The Dodgers could make some drastic offseason moves if the disappointment persists.
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We hate to point out the bad because the Los Angeles Dodgers are having a great season, but there still remain numerous holes on this roster that need to be addressed in the offseason (since the front office opted not to, or wasn't able to, address them at the trade deadline).

The Dodgers luckily have countless high performers on offense that mask the black holes as well as the poor pitching, which has been the team's saving grace in 2023. They've been so good, in fact, that they have the second-best record in the National League despite the 19th-best ERA in MLB.

It's obvious changes on the pitching staff are needed. The Dodgers certainly didn't do enough on that front at the deadline and will probably be dipping into this year's free agent pool with both Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urías set to hit the open market.

But we can expect alterations to the lineup/depth too. Not everybody on a given roster needs to be an above-average thumper, but they also can't be daily liabilities, which is a minor issue holding LA back from its ceiling at the moment. The reality is that it would take very little effort to patch up these unforeseen holes that have persisted in 2023.

The writing's already on the wall. Hopefully nobody else makes a convincing case for the boot in the offseason, but right now, it's looking like these players could be casualties in a few months.

4 Dodgers who are playing their way out of the team's 2024 plans

Miguel Rojas

Rojas, acquired in an offseason trade with the Marlins, was initially expected to be a depth piece for the Dodgers behind Gavin Lux and Miguel Vargas in the middle infield (and there were probably plans to give him third base reps if needed).

But before the season even started, Rojas was tasked with taking over the starting shortstop job when Lux tore his ACL. Months later, Vargas was demoted to Triple-A, as his struggles became untenable on the big-league roster. Rojas' magnified role has not helped him whatsoever.

His defense has been great, but he's wielding a bat that's currently hitting .224/.277/.287. He has one home run, 16 RBI and a 53 OPS+ in 85 games ... which is right in line with his declining numbers from 2022. The Dodgers extended him for another year after trading for him, but they'll have to revisit their decision.

Rojas is certainly an influential veteran voice to have in the clubhouse, but the Dodgers have a ton of those. Finding a new home for Rojas and upgrading the backup shortstop position/finding a new utility infielder needs to be on the offseason docket.