4 Dodgers who have been the most concerning during Spring Training

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Spring Training is coming to an end and it's now time for the Los Angeles Dodgers to really focus on the team's depth chart and determine who is going to make the Opening Day roster and start in the Opening Day lineup.

While Spring Training games ultimately do not matter, there's a lot we can learn from a team over the month of action. Fans can also get an idea of what form players are currently in. Some players jump off the page and look great while others haven't enjoyed the same luxury.

How are things looking in Dodger land leading up to March 30 against the Arizona Diamondbacks? Specifically, fans might have to worry about these four players as it pertains to performance at the onset of the 2023 season.

4 Dodgers who have been the most concerning during Spring Training

4. Trayce Thompson

Trayce Thompson has not been very good during Spring Training, folks. He's hitting a woeful .083 with nine strikeouts and six walks in 30 plate appearances. Striking out at a 30% clip is less than ideal, but at least his walk rate has been somewhat respectable thus far.

While Thompson easily has the worst numbers of anyone on this list, he checks in as the fourth-most concerning Dodger for multiple reasons. First is the fact that the sample size is smaller due to his participation in the World Baseball Classic for Great Britain, where he actually played quite well.

Second is the fact that Thompson should not have been expected to do much this season. Thompson has been a journeyman outfielder who got hot for two months last year and played his way into a starting role with the best regular-season team of the last decade.

One would hope that the Dodgers weren't actually planning on giving Thompson a significant role this season and that he would be a depth outfielder that pinch hits and platoons (which is more than fine!). His performance in spring may have solidified that role for 2023.