4 former Dodgers that could return to LA this winter

They probably won't, but they could!
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Justin Turner

We'd have Turner ranked higher here, but the way the Dodgers treated him this offseason could've very well ruined the relationship. Turner's been vocal about how the team left him without a paddle in free agency despite him reiterating that he wanted to return. Andrew Friedman and Co. ignored it, Turner signed with the Red Sox, and the Dodgers lost a key leader.

They might've replaced his production with JD Martinez, but losing a franchise icon like Turner and merely replacing his offense does have consequences. Not everybody is a means to an end. The human element reigns supreme more times than not.

If the Dodgers reconcile with Turner -- kind of like how they did with Kiké Hernández at the trade deadline -- then perhaps Turner comes back and does a little bit of everything (DH, 3B, 1B) while helping lead a group of young Dodgers that need molding. That might be a longshot, however, because it seems Turner was really put off by what had happened.