4 former Dodgers who painfully enter 2023 on fire after impressive springs

World Baseball Classic Championship: United States v Japan
World Baseball Classic Championship: United States v Japan / Jasen Vinlove/Miami Marlins/GettyImages
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2. Corey Seager

Ah, the trend continues. All-Star-caliber shortstops that the Dodgers simply let slip between their fingers. While Trea Turner was having a red-hot World Baseball Classic, Seager was having the best Spring Training showing at the plate of any qualified hitter in 2023.

Seager led all qualified hitters in OPS with a 1.147 mark in 57 plate appearances. Meanwhile, the Dodgers have Miguel Rojas at short after Gavin Lux suffered a torn ACL.

The main thing that (seemingly) kept Seager from returning to the Dodgers after the 2021 season was his long-term injury concerns. Seager wasn't necessarily the most durable player while he was in LA and there were reasonable concerns about how that would translate over a long-term deal.

That being said, Seager was able to stay healthy with the Texas Rangers in 2022 and is now entering the 2023 season with a red-hot bat. At his best, Seager is the best offensive shortstop in the sport and is someone who can legitimately garner MVP buzz, especially if he's the leader of any potential Rangers turnaround.

While all of that is potentially happening, the Dodgers will be relying on Rojas and Chris Taylor to play shortstop. From Seager to Turner to Lux to Rojas to Taylor. Bad.