4 free agent pitchers Dodgers now need to consider that they previously weren't

If they want to contend in 2024, the Dodgers need more pitching.
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Aaron Nola

How about a younger option that could possibly be had at a discount? Though the Philadelphia Phillies are playoff bound, Aaron Nola's down campaign should have them in a better position.

The right-hander finished fourth in the Cy Young voting in 2022, but has a 4.64 ERA, 4.21 FIP and 1.16 WHIP in his 29 starts this year. He's given up a career-high 31 homers and will likely surpass that threshold for hits (161) and earned runs (91) too.

The bright side? He still barely walks batters and he's still striking out plenty. He also eats innings, as evidenced by his production dating back to 2018 (his lone All-Star season). Nola, excluding the shortened 2020 season, is on pace to throw for over 200 innings in four of his last five eligible seasons.

If the Dodgers can get him at a discount and nab a player with the ceiling of a No. 2 and the floor of a No. 4 starter for the remainder of Nola's prime, that might be the best economical move they could make. Nola is a known commodity, and it's not like the Dodgers would be taking an unnecessary risk here by attempting to predict future success.

He's good. He's steady. And his under-the-radar resume might allow the Dodgers to swoop in and avoid more expensive options that don't offer the same consistency.