5 Dodgers who could become first-time All-Stars in 2023

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2. Will Smith

Will Smith is regarded by many as one of the best catchers in the entire sport because of his offensive prowess at the plate. The only catcher that is in the same conversation as Smith offensively is JT Realmuto ... and even then, it's a toss-up.

Smith has consistently been a positive presence in the Dodgers' lineup. In 2022, he slashed .260/.343/.465 with 24 home runs and 87 RBI. Crazy enough, that was a down year at the plate for him compared to his 2021 season, as his OPS dropped 53 points from .860 to .807.

Over the last two seasons, Smith ranks second in home runs, second in RBI, third in hits, first in OPS, and second in fWAR among all catchers. He's undoubtedly a top-two catcher in the league and yet doesn't have a single ASG appearance to his name.

The two catchers on the National League roster last season were Willson Contreras and Travis d'Arnaud. It's not like Smith struggled to start the 2022 season, as he was actually better in the first half. Smith had 14 home runs, 47 RBI and a .842 OPS at the All-Star break last season.

This isn't a case of someone breaking out and becoming a first-time All-Star. This would be the case of someone earning a bid that they already should have earned twice over.