5 Dodgers who have made the biggest impact since the All-Star break

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks
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James Outman

When the season began, James Outman was on fire. For a time, it almost seemed certain that he could win NL Rookie of the Year. That award now seems out of reach as Outman later stumbled and Diamondbacks rookie Corbin Caroll has simply been elite.

Here we are now, though, in the middle of August, and Outman seems to have found what was working for him earlier in the season and reignited that. His post-All-Star batting average is .329 and his on-base percentage actually matches Freeman's at .485. He has filled the role well as Cody Bellinger's replacement. It was always going to be difficult to replace Bellinger's defense, but Outman makes his fair share of excellent plays in center field.

Also, Outman is one of the few base stealing threats the Dodgers have. All these aspects of his game have leveled up recently, and the Dodgers are benefiting heavily from it. 

Mookie Betts

Another name that, not so shockingly, has to be mentioned is Mookie Betts. He's having one of the best seasons of his career, which, for Betts, really says a lot about how well he has been playing. He’s even added position flexibility by playing games at shortstop and second base. Just like Outman and Freeman, it seems that Betts has found yet another level as we get deeper and deeper into the season. The 1-2 combination of Betts and Freeman at the top of the lineup continues to be the best in baseball and is vital to the Dodgers' success.