5 former Dodgers players still without a job heading toward spring training

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Cody Bellinger

One of the last remaining big kahunas on the free agent market, and certainly in terms of position players, is Cody Bellinger, whose agent Scott Boras has been working very discreetly pulling strings throughout the offseason. It's not a question of if Bellinger signs, but rather when he'll finally make a decision to either go back to the Cubs or move somewhere else. It definitely won't be the Dodgers, who non-tendered him in pretty brutal fashion after a few years of struggles in 2021 and 2022. It wasn't necessarily the wrong choice for the team at the time, as no one could have predicted the comeback he would have with the Cubs.

In a recurring theme on this list, the Blue Jays have shown interest in him. The Cubs also seem committed to doing what they can to get him back. Their shortstop Dansby Swanson has certainly been pushing for his old teammate's return, and for good reason. After batting .193 in his last two years with the Dodgers, Bellinger roared back in Chicago and put up a .307/.356/.525 line, numbers that were reminiscent of those from his 2019 MVP year.

The Cubs made their first splash this offseason by signing Shōta Imanaga, but otherwise they haven't spent any money. Hopefully, they're getting the ducks in a row for Bellinger, who is seeking a $200 million+ contract. Safe to say he'll never be coming back to LA, but the Dodgers will see him again next year.