5 free agents the Dodgers should be grateful they avoided this offseason

New York Yankees Introduce Carlos Rodon
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RHP Jacob deGrom - Texas Rangers

It's so tough to put someone like deGrom on a list like this. After all, the 34-year-old has emerged as one of the best starting pitchers of this generation and has arguably already done enough to warrant a Hall of Fame nod.

While deGrom has been utterly dominant over the years, the consistent issue with him has been staying healthy and making a full season of starts. In his 10 years in the big leagues, he has topped the 30-start mark just four times. In 2021, he made 15. In 2022, he made 11. To start 2023, he made it through six before making his annual trip to the injured list.

deGrom currently being on the shelf hurts more than just the Rangers; it hurts the game of baseball. He's easily the best right-hander in the league, and it's a shame we aren't able to watch him do his thing right now. Before his placement on the injured list, he had a 2.67 ERA, 1.58 FIP, 163 ERA+ and 13.4 SO/9, all of which are on par with his career norms.

Having someone like this living legend in the Dodgers' rotation certainly would've been a welcome addition, but with his inability to stay healthy, he's ultimately going to fit more in the "dodged a bullet" category than "the one that got away," especially since he's making $37 million per year on his big contract with Texas.