5 free agents the Dodgers should be grateful they avoided this offseason

New York Yankees Introduce Carlos Rodon
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SS Carlos Correa - Minnesota Twins

Man, what an eventful offseason it was for Correa. After opting out of his original three-year deal with the Twins, he was briefly a member of the San Francisco Giants on a massive 13-year agreement. After an issue with his physical arose, the contract was voided and he signed with the Mets on a 12-year deal. Shockingly, it happened again, and essentially forced him back to the Twins.

Instead of securing his $300+ million contract, Correa pivoted to Minnesota and re-upped on a six-year deal that can reach up to $270 million ($200 guaranteed).

Unfortunately for the Twins, he has not gotten off to a strong start this year and looks like a shell of the player he was as recently as last season. In 43 games, the 28-year-old has just six home runs, 24 RBI, a .206 average and an OPS+ of 90.

It's hard to fault the Twins for pursuing a reunion with their superstar shortstop, but there's a reason all the top-paying teams expressed a bit of restrain with him. Minnesota sits on top of the AL Central division over four sub-.500 teams, but they could be even better if Correa continued to produce at the level he has in years past.

For the Dodgers, this is just another example of a player who may help them out on offense, but whose contract is entirely not worth the potential headache/regression. While Miguel Rojas has not been everything Los Angeles has needed him to be, he can at least say that he's not being massively overpaid for medicore production.

Plus, right now, the Dodgers are better off with Rojas, Betts and Chris Taylor at shortstop. Somehow.