5 offseason pivots Dodgers can make after Shohei Ohtani injury

The Dodgers have a lot of lanes to choose from.
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Re-Sign Julio Urías

Might Ohtani's injury more easily welcome back Urías into the fold? It's been widely speculated the left-hander is going to explore free agency (his agent is Scott Boras), especially after Andrew Friedman hinted the team attempted to discuss an extension, but the talks never progressed because of Urías' representation.

At one point, fans believed Urías' underwhelming contract year could benefit the Dodgers, but he's since gotten back on track and is pitching like an ace, which should see him land one of the top contracts in free agency because of his age and track record.

The Dodgers want him back. He probably wants to be back. Signing only Ohtani and punting the 2024 season really isn't an option. Maybe Ohtani on an incentive-laden historic contract and Urías on something in the ~$200 million range to keep him a Dodger for life? At this point, it feels more likely Kershaw returns than Urías ... but what about both, plus another high-profile pitcher?

Urías feels destined to remain a Dodger, and it'd be a shame if he departed LA for a few more bucks when the team will definitely do all it can to take care of their homegrown star. It'd also be nice if Urías and Bobby Miller can front the rotation for years to come with other free agent additions.