5 offseason pivots Dodgers can make after Shohei Ohtani injury

The Dodgers have a lot of lanes to choose from.
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Trade for Corbin Burnes (and Willy Adames?!)

This offseason will be a big one for the Brew Crew, especially depending upon how they finish the 2023 season. They currently lead the NL Central and should make the playoffs, but a lot of questions about their future remain.

Both Corbin Burnes and Willy Adames are controllable through 2024, but the organization ticked off Burnes with its arbitration tactics, and Adames is in the midst of a down year Milwaukee probably won't be keen on paying for when the time comes. Could the Dodgers strike a different kind of two-for-one deal and address the rotation and shortstop position?

With Gavin Lux returning, the Dodgers might be more open to playing him at second base following his torn ACL, which could slide Adames right to shortstop. That could leave third base open for Miguel Vargas if he gets his feet under him before the 2024 campaign. Then Michael Busch can be the utility option off the bench with Max Muncy shifting to the DH role? We're just spitballing.

Burnes is a much easier sell. He slots right into the front of the rotation and gives the Dodgers instant relief, should they lose production there ... or he fortifies it if the Dodgers have everything fall their way. Honestly, this trade should be on the table even if Ohtani is signed because it'll only cost the Dodgers prospects ... plenty of whom would be blocked by these various hypothetical offseason additions.

Ohtani's injury is definitely bleak, but the Dodgers can shift their attention in a multitude of ways to build another winner for 2024.