5 possible Dodgers trade candidates that aren't available in talks just yet

The next few weeks will determine if these players are on the move or not. Here we go.

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Nolan Arenado

Nolan Arenado is on the Mount Rushmore of All-Stars Dodgers fans have wanted the team to trade for. And that dream could become a reality, depending upon just how far the Cardinals are willing to sell after their disastrous 38-52 start. Unless they can get back to .500 before the deadline, there's no sense in St. Louis seeing this through.

With Paul Goldschmidt hitting free agency after the 2024 season and the Cardinals stuck with the very bad Steven Matz, Willson Contreras and Miles Mikolas contracts, they truly might not have a choice but to consider moving a star like Arenado so they can recoup some cost-effective talent.

Signed through 2027, Arenado carries a ~$27 million AAV from 2024 until the end of his deal. He's still playing at an All-Star level and is a bonafide Gold Glover. The only drawback here is clogging the payroll a bit in the short-term if the play for Shohei Ohtani plus other top talent is on the table for the offseason (it likely is). Plus, trading prospects for someone's age-32-36 seasons is never the most prudent idea.

Then again, the Dodgers have managed their money well and put themselves in a position to spend. They have a deep farm system that can afford to take a hit with a group of prospects heading out the door. Adding Arenado into the mix would also likely help the team's pitch to Ohtani, who wants his next destination to be a winning environment. The Dodgers already have that, and will elevate the offering by making a blockbuster at the deadline.

But it all hinges on how extreme the Cardinals opt to go with their makeover and how much they will be asking for. Either way, the Dodgers need to be ready to pivot, because the deadline is all about expecting the unexpected.