5 potential replacements if the Dodgers move on from manager Dave Roberts

You never know. If the Dodgers disappoint again in 2023, Roberts could be considered a scapegoat.

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Kai Correa - Giants Bench Coach

It would be easy to start with a candidate within the Dodgers organization because if something crazy were to happen during the season, that's the most likely course the team would take. However, for this exercise we will look at external options.

For starters, what would be more satisfying than prying away bench coach Kai Correa from the division-rival Giants?

Correa is already well-versed in advanced metrics and is familiar with how data is communicated to the clubhouse in a way that can turn into actual gameplans which is arguably the hardest part of the job. Correa is also an excellent defensive coach, which is particularly useful in a world where teams can no longer shift their inadequacies away. He is younger and less experienced than some of the other candidates, but is generally highly regarded around the league.

If the Dodgers do decide to make a change at manager, they are going to want to act quickly when the season ends as Correa has already been mentioned as a managerial candidate and could be in line for a promotion right now after the Giants fired Gabe Kapler. Before too long, he is going to get a skipper job somewhere and it may be as soon as after the 2023 season.

Walt Weiss - Braves Bench Coach

Weiss is an interesting option as he brings some old school chops and also comes from a Braves organization that has done very well in marrying traditional know-how and advanced data. Weiss also has the added benefit of actual managerial experience under his belt. While his time with the Colorado Rockies from 2013-2016 didn’t go particularly well, Colorado is a place where hopes and dreams go to die, so we won’t hold that against him too much.

Ultimately, the question is whether or not Weiss would even be interested. He has been connected to recent managerial openings, including the Marlins, but he declined a request for an interview. It's possible that his experience with the Rockies makes him hesitant to take any manager job, or that he's very content in Atlanta and would only leave for a premier situation. If it's the latter, the Dodgers fit the bill.

It's worth noting that Braves manager Brian Snitker isn't a spring chicken, and if he were to retire in the next few years, Weiss could be the Braves' next manager in waiting. If that's actually the case, Weiss may be hard to pry away altogether.

George Lombard - Tigers Bench Coach

Former Dodgers first base coach and current Tigers bench coach George Lombard has a pretty strong case for a top managerial job like the Dodgers. He has experience in successful analytics-forward organizations, but is also a former player who is very adept at coaching and relating to young guys. Having that mix of experience is basically a must in the modern game of baseball.

Lombard is a known commodity around baseball, and once we get to the offseason it's highly likely that teams with managerial vacancies are going to come knocking. He already interviewed for the Tigers’ manager opening that ultimately went to AJ Hinch, so he also clearly has aspirations of being a skipper. The only real question is whether or not his previous experience with the Dodgers helped or hurt the cause of him returning, although there didn't seem to be too many hard feelings at the time.