The 6 most hated Los Angeles Dodgers players of all time

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves
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Jason Schmidt

The first problem that Jason Schmidt had wasn’t entirely his fault. One thing that Dodgers fans hate him for was because he played (and very well at that) for the Giants. If nothing else, the bar that Schmidt was going to have to clear to win fans over after LA signed him to a three year, $47 million deal before the 2007 season was going to be high given what he had done for a division rival.

In fairness, the expectations should have been high as Schmidt was a three-time All-Star and posted a 3.35 ERA with 1,000 strikeouts total in his previous five seasons. Sadly, Schmidt’s shoulder had other ideas and he would only make 10 starts for the Dodgers across two seasons. This one doesn’t seem entirely fair because it isn’t his fault that his shoulder gave out, but here we are.

Delino DeShields

If Schmidt’s inclusion is somewhat unfair, DeShields being on the list is really unjust. DeShields was a Rookie of the Year runner-up for the Expos way back in 1990, and while he didn’t hit for any power to speak of, he stole a bunch of bases, hit for average, and got on base at a high clip. The Dodgers saw that and went “hey, that's a really useful player, let's go get him." Again, a perfectly reasonable thought. So they sent a young pitching prospect to Montreal to trade for him.

The problem, of course, is that that pitching prospect was Pedro Martinez, which, if you read our previous piece on the subject, is the worst trade (at least by outcome) in franchise history. Martinez became one of the absolute best pitchers of his generation while DeShields posted a .653 OPS over three seasons with the Dodgers before moving after the 1996 season. At least he stole 114 bases in a Dodgers uniform, right? RIGHT?! *weeps*