The 6 most hated Los Angeles Dodgers players of all time

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Mike Piazza

Piazza is going to be polarizing because there are going to be camps of Dodgers fans who are still mad he wasn’t willing to sign whatever offer the Dodgers put in front of him, and there are others who are still mad the Dodgers couldn’t find a way to keep him in the fold. I will let you decide which camp to be in.

At the end of the day, Piazza was very vocal that he was not happy with how contract negotiations with the team were going, and the five time All-Star all but forced his way out of town. The Dodgers got a hefty haul back for Piazza from the Marlins back in 1998, but those players didn’t have anywhere near the same impact that Piazza would've as he would go on to have a Hall of Fame career. Again, a bit polarizing of a choice here, but a lot of folks will never forgive a guy for leaving even when the team may be the actual villain in a given situation.

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Trevor Bauer

To avoid angry emails from legal/public relations representatives, we will just state obvious and on the record stuff here in bullet form:

  • Trevor Bauer signed a three year, $102 million contract with the Dodgers and made a total of 17 starts for the team. There are many folks that do not like that.
  • Trevor Bauer had allegations of sexual assault levied against him. The result of MLB’s investigation into said allegations was a 324-game suspension that was later reduced to 194 games by an independent arbitrator. A lot of Dodger fans also did not like that.
  • The Dodgers released Bauer in January 2023 after he was reinstated from his suspension, which means the team will be paying him the final $22.5 million of his contract while he's playing over in Japan. Again, there are many people that are not thrilled that that happened.

Those are some (but not all) of the reasons why a lot of Dodgers fans (and fans in general) are not a fan of Trevor Bauer.

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