7 free agents the Dodgers must avoid at all costs

The Dodgers need to avoid these free agents if they want to continue to be a top contender in 2024.
World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two
World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Dodgers are going to have some tough choices to make this offseason, especially given they're a lock to be in the middle of the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes. Adding Ohtani would be amazing, but this Dodgers roster needs to address several areas going into 2024, including the starting rotation, outfield, and bullpen. That is quite the shopping list.

Even a team that has the resources the Dodgers boast is going to have limitations if they are planning on dropping half-billion dollars on Ohtani. What that means is that for the team's other moves (and they absolutely need to make other moves), they can't really afford to miss if they want to be surefire World Series contenders in 2024.

No team can get every move right and the Dodgers are no different. The Trevor Bauer signing blew up in spectacular fashion, but that was outside their control. The Andruw Jones deal still haunts LA fans, and Scott Kazmir's name usually involves a certain amount of cursing these days, too. The Dodgers can't predict everything that could go wrong, but these are a few of free agents that have enough red flags for the Dodgers to pass on.

Here are 7 free agents that the Dodgers really need to avoid like the plague

Tommy Pham

Pham is a bit of a meme in a lot of circles. He has a reputation for being a very intense individual that takes himself incredibly seriously. He can certainly be productive as a hitter, but there's probably a reason why he's had to bounce around the league ever since he left the Cardinals (perhaps how someone like Carl Evertt was difficult to deal with).

More important than Pham's personality and his penchant for wanting to throw hands over fantasy football trades, he's wildly inconsistent at the plate. For every .800+ OPS season he's registered, there have been plenty of sub .700 OPS campaigns. With guys like Jorge Soler, Adam Duvall, or even Michael Brantley out there on the free agent market, LA should avoid rolling the dice on Pham just because he rode a hot streak to the World Series.