Angels fan takes unnecessary shot at Dodgers fans, gets roasted by entire stadium

Los Angeles Angels v Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Angels v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

The Dodgers have a number of historical rivalries, some fiercer than others. In the NL West, the Giants have been the best at giving the Dodgers the occasional run for their money, though things have been lopsided in LA's favor for years at this point.

The more worrying competition this season is over in Arizona, home of the Diamondbacks team that kicked the Dodgers out of the postseason in spectacular fashion last season. The Padres? All they have is the 2022 NLDS victory. Keep it. Nobody cares.

Then there are the Angels, the crosstown rivals, who have always been far from a threat for a lot of reasons. They don't play in the same league, much less the same division, and the teams have never met in the postseason. Instead, the Dodgers-Angels rivalry is almost exclusively based on the fact that the teams exist in the same city (in name, anyway), and the fans of the winning team can walk away with bragging rights but not much else.

Although the Dodgers are 17-3 against the Angels in this decade, some Angels fans still take the Freeway Series very seriously, for some reason. Earlier this week, during both teams' last three spring training games (spring training! Not even regular season games!), an Angels fan named Breezy Nowlan took to Twitter to share a picture from Dodger Stadium during Game 1, wearing a cap with a small Angels logo, with the caption "It’s giving loyalty to my team while simultaneously not wanting to get stabbed, ya know?"

As you probably could've guessed, the OP was quickly and thoroughly roasted in the replies and quote tweets.

Angels fan takes Freeway Series way too seriously, then gets dunked on by Dodgers fans

Nowlan was promptly ratio'd by a Dodgers fan named Joe Seppi, who shared a picture of his daughter in Dodgers gear with the caption, "We bought this shirt for my daughter at the team store, and everything was fine up until she stabbed everyone in the section we were sitting in," which is the general vibe of the rest of the replies to the original post.

There's no reason to take Nowlan's post seriously, and the Dodgers did fall to the Angels 2-1 in the series (though, ironically, the one game they did win was the game Nowlan attended), but it's very funny that someone thinks it's funny to shine light on the, at times, troubling violence at Dodger Stadium during the preseason.

Guess Angels fans don't have much to reference because, well, you get it.