Blue Jays make enemy of Dodgers after Toronto TV host's ridiculous Ohtani rant

Doesn't matter where he signs now. This means war.
Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners
Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

We thought everyone was friendly north of the border?! Come on now, Toronto! A heated battle for a once-in-a-lifetime free agent shouldn't bring out the worst in us. Ah, who are we kidding, Los Angeles Dodgers fans are among the most rabid out there.

But even objective viewers would classify this as particularly harsh. A man by the name of Sid Seixeiro of Breakfast Television on Citytv in Toronto absolutely laid into the Dodgers, Jerry Hairston Jr. and the state of California this week when the topic of Shohei Ohtani came up on the show.

The Dodgers have long been considered the favorites to sign the two-way star, but insiders warned of his penchant for bucking trends. That's led to a bit of an expanded free agency class, with the Blue Jays as late entrants alongside the Dodgers, Giants, Mariners and Angels. We wouldn't be surprised if there was another team or two in the mix given the secrecy of Ohtani's tour.

As the Jays emerged late in the game, SNLA analyst Jerry Hairston Jr. expressed Toronto was the wrong choice for Ohtani.

"Now, I've heard that the Toronto Blue Jays are involved, great franchise.

Oh, Canada, you'd have to listen to two national anthems up there, bro. The taxes would crush you, you're gonna have a chance to make 500 or 600 million. Canada's too cold, man!"

Jerry Hairston Jr.

And then came Seixeiro with the hardcore rebuttal:

Blue Jays make enemy of Dodgers after Toronto TV host's ridiculous Ohtani rant

Now, regardless of where Ohtani goes, you can bet the Dodgers and Blue Jays will have renewed heated battles, especially with baseball's adjusted schedule where interleague matchups are more frequent.

Because when you roast the Dodgers for their lack of rings in modern history and the American National Anthem, and talk about the "Great Earthquake" coming for California, it's personal. It was especially personal for Hairston, who was called out multiple times during the rant, including the end when the word "a--hat" was dropped.

Hairston issued a response, making fun of Seixeiro for his pronunciation of "Shohei." Perfect.

The Blue Jays were never really a thought in the Dodgers' minds before this. Now they'll be in the crosshairs for years to come. If Ohtani chooses LA, the Jays are dead to rights for the next decade. If Ohtani chooses Toronto, every Dodgers win over the Blue Jays will be thrown right in Toronto's face.

We don't make the rules. This is how it is now.