Cody Bellinger's 5 most unforgettable moments with the Dodgers

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers
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1. Cody Bellinger's game-winning home run in Game 7 of the 2020 NLCS

Many look at this as Bellinger’s last great moment with the Dodgers. Sure, he had some solid regular-season moments after this in 2021 and 2022 but with such poor play, this home run in the 2020 NLCS against the Atlanta Braves will be the highlight that every Dodger fan remembers.

And it might have caused the start of Bellinger’s decline into being one of the worst hitters in the sport. After the home run, Bellinger popped his shoulder out of place celebrating with Enrique Hernandez. It's unclear if that's what truly caused his rapid decline, but Bellinger was never the same after that moment.

Every Dodger fan would trade Bellinger’s decline for this home run, though. Without it, the Dodgers may not have gotten into the World Series and beaten the Tampa Bay Rays. Nothing is guaranteed in this sport, so while it wasn't a walk-off home run, we can absolutely still attribute the win to Bellinger’s go-ahead home run. 

Hernandez was the hero the prior inning, sending a 2-2 fastball deep into the left-field seats to tie the game at three. In the eighth pitch of Bellinger’s at-bat, he lifted a high fastball to right field for a no-doubt, go-ahead home run. Julio Urias shut the Braves down after that, eventually leading to the Dodgers’ first World Series since 1988. 

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Game 7 of the 2020 NLCS, and the Dodgers’ 3-1 comeback as a whole, will go down forever as one of the greatest playoff moments in franchise history. Cody Bellinger is a central part of that and it should never be forgotten.