Corey Seager's response to Dodgers question after World Series will break LA fans

The final blow.
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

"We're still trying to find the guy who asked this!" - Man in Hot Dog Suit. But seriously, as if Los Angeles Dodgers fans didn't have it bad enough watching a division rival and a team that swiped a number of their former players face off in the World Series ...

After the Texas Rangers captured the Fall Classic with a Game 5 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, Corey Seager was crowned World Series MVP and Bruce Bochy won his fourth ring. Nathan Eovaldi started the clincher and Josh Sborz closed it out.

As the Rangers were gearing up to celebrate, Seager, of course, had to face the media because of his incredible contributions. He was the offensive forced that led Texas throughout this run thanks to his three homers and six RBI across the five games.

Like we mentioned, we're don't know who asked this question, but a reporter had to twist the knife on Dodgers fans and reference Seager's departure from LA back after the 2021 season. He claimed he gets text messages about it all the time and wanted an answer from Seager.

He didn't get one, though, because, well, Seager ... didn't have one? How crushing is this response? Seager says nothing and everything all at once.

Corey Seager's response to Dodgers question after World Series will break LA fans

Maybe he was shocked that he was asked that question immediately after reaching the mountaintop of Major League Baseball? Maybe it was the last thing on his mind and he had nothing to say? Maybe he was having trouble processing anything because of how overwhelming the moment was?

Or, just maybe, he legitimately has no idea why the Dodgers didn't re-sign him after he delivered them a World Series in 2020 with MVP efforts of his own and consistently remained one of the organization's exemplary players over his seven years in LA? Yeah, that might be it.

In the end, the Rangers threw $325 million at Seager right before the lockout after the Dodgers reportedly tried to coax him with a deal in the $300 million range but with deferred payments. Research found the Dodgers would've needed to offer Seager $76 million more than the Rangers to match what he was going to lose in state income taxes.

The Seager debacle looks exponentially worse because the Dodgers didn't re-sign his supposed replacement in Trea Turner the season after. Ever since Seager left, the Dodgers have flamed out in the NLDS in perhaps the most disappointing fashions in franchise history, and their offense going silent was a big reason why.

Meanwhile, in his first playoff run with Texas, he added six home runs to his playoff resume to match Reggie Jackson's output in October. The Dodgers are supposed to spend big. They're supposed to be able to keep their franchise cornerstones. But they let Seager go, and nobody really knew why. Not even Seager.