Dave Roberts has ideal response to Dan Patrick's Dodgers World Series guarantee bait

Not gonna do it to us this time, Dan.

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Dodgers will enter the 2023 postseason with a week of rest ahead of them, leaving ample time for their slapdash rotation, creative pitching plans, and Mookie Betts' MVP case to be dissected ad nauseam. And, knowing what's coming, there's no way Dave Roberts is going to contribute to that discussion by saying anything with even a modicum of controversy attached.

Sorry, Dan Patrick. Not gonna happen for any ESPN icon. Maybe for Keith Olbermann, but still probably not.

Roberts hopped onto Patrick's show for his typical pre-playoff appearance, and the venerable host attempted to steer the Dodgers' skipper into the Land of Guarantees. That's a dangerous place to be for anyone, but especially if you're currently lined up to start Lance Lynn or Ryan Yarbrough in the NLDS.

Luckily, Roberts would only guarantee a World Series win if everything went right, which is a pretty good hedge. I hereby predict the exact same thing for every other playoff team! If, say, the Milwaukee Brewers or Baltimore Orioles get every single break imaginable, they, too, will capture the title this fall.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts makes "bold" World Series prediction of "Saying Nothing"

Patrick explicitly lied here while trying to goad Roberts, claiming that the "last time" he guaranteed a World Series was when the Dodgers won it all in 2020. Nope! Roberts famously waded into those waters in '22, only to watch a shocking Padres team upend his powerhouse team's Series run in the NLDS.

"The Dodgers will win the World Series if ..." prompt doesn't deserve more than an, "Oh, Dan ..." and an eye roll this October. There's enough on Roberts' plate already without having to give the time of day to cosmic forces.

And don't worry, Dodgers fans. Roberts refused to comment on the Shohei Ohtani chase or make a prediction there, either. We're willing to go out on a limb, though, and promise that if the entire free agent wooing period goes off without a hitch and every single thing about LA's offer entices Ohtani, then he'll probably sign with them. There. Hope that helps.