Dodgers 2024 Opening Day roster projection 1.0: Battle for last bullpen spots

Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training
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Dodgers Outfield

  • James Outman
  • Teoscar Hernández
  • Jason Heyward
  • Shohei Ohtani (DH)

Though there were some rumors to the contrary, Roberts has said that he won't platoon James Outman in center field this year, which locks up the Dodgers' starting outfield. Taylor and Manuel Margot are expected to make starts at the corners behind Outman and Heyward.

Dodgers Bench

  • Chris Taylor (UTIL)
  • Miguel Rojas (INF)
  • Manuel Margot (OF)
  • Austin Barnes (C)

Barnes arguably shouldn't be the Dodgers' backup catcher, but the team still owes him $7 million over the next two years, doesn't seem eager to trade him, and No. 1 prospect Dalton Rushing is still some ways away from being major league ready, so odds are that Barnes will get 30-40 starts as the backstop to give Will Smith's knees a break every now and then. Taylor and Rojas have been and will remain key, versatile bench players for the Dodgers. Margot could also be another trade option before the season starts, but if he stays, he'll be a solid enough defensive option for the outfield.

Key Dodgers starting 2024 in minor leagues

  • Michael Grove (P)
  • Gus Varland (P)
  • Daniel Hudson (P)
  • Matt Gage (P)
  • Landon Knack (P)
  • Kyle Hurt (P)
  • Andy Pages (OF)
  • Miguel Vargas (UTIL)

The Dodgers have a wealth of pitching depth, which is why a number of bullpen arms who appeared throughout last season have to get the axe before Opening Day. The season is long, and a lot of these arms could very well be pulled up from the minors later in the summer, but for now the bullpen seems pretty set. However, as previously mentioned, Feyereisen and Stone could be at risk throughout spring training, with Grove, Varland, Hudson, and Gage all still in the mix for the last few spots on the 26-man.