Dodgers 2024 Schedule: FOX National broadcasts revealed

Los Angeles Dodgers Introduce Yoshinobu Yamamoto
Los Angeles Dodgers Introduce Yoshinobu Yamamoto / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Through all of the messy shuffling with the Diamond Sports Group this offseason, the Dodgers have steered clear of all of it with tried and true SportsNet LA. Dodgers fans can expect to watch most games there in 2024, but there are also a host of matchups that will be nationally broadcast on other networks. While Dodgers fans won't have to deal with as much confusion as other teams that were attached to Bally Sports before its downfall, there are still some games that might require a little more effort to seek out.

FOX released a schedule of eight Dodgers games that will be televised either on their main channel or FS1, a mix of home and away games that will all take place in the early or mid-afternoon. Some primetime matchups can also be caught on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball and should be expected on Apple TV+ on certain Friday nights, but Apple's exact dates and times have yet to be announced.

FOX releases full MLB national broadcast schedule, including eight Dodgers games




April 6

@ Cubs

1:05 PM PST (FS1)

April 20

vs. Mets

1:05 PM (FS1)

May 25

@ Reds

4:15 PM (FOX)

June 8

@ Yankees

4:35 PM (FOX

June 29

@ Giants

4:15 PM (FOX)

July 6

vs. Brewers

4:15 PM (FOX)

July 20

vs. Red Sox

4:15 PM (FOX)

August 17

@ Cardinals

4:15 PM (FOX)

Arguably, the most interesting game to catch will be Dodgers at Yankees in the second of a three-game set, the first and only time series those teams will play against each other in 2024. Newly-minted Yankee Juan Soto had a habit of crushing Dodgers pitching when he was still in the NL West with the Padres, so it'll be interesting to see if he can do the same thing on a new coast. The series might also present an opportunity for Yoshinobu Yamamoto to take on the team he spurned in favor of the Dodgers for the first time.

Dodgers-Giants is also always a marquee matchup; the game airing on FOX on June 29 (the second in a three-game series) will come a day before the Giants give Mickey Mouse ears to 15,000 fans, so it would be sweet to watch LA crush them and hopefully take the series, rendering the low blow at the Dodgers' 2020 World Series victory moot.

Even more national broadcast dates and times will be rolled out as the season draws nearer, but there's a very distinct feeling in the air now: the baseball season is right around the corner.